Kids Christmas Craft: fun ideas for the festive season

Eleanor Mulder

The lead up to Christmas is the perfect time to whip out some fun kids’ craft activities. It gets your little ones excited for the big day and is a thrifty way to update your festive decorations. Check out the simple ideas below. They might not be fancy, but they’re filled with love and I’m proud that my children made them. Plus, I didn’t have to buy a thing!

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Wild Encounters


Father’s Day this year in our house started pretty much the same as always. Daddy made a pile of pancakes to feed his hungry family, unwrapped a super-duper 7-pack of K-mart business socks, and then hopped in the shower for the 30 seconds it was free before the hair salon and nail parlour opened for the girls. Did I feel guilty? Nope. Not one little bit. Because a certain smug Mummy-pants had a surprise up her sleeve today, and it was about to pop a smile under his moustache…

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Kids School Holiday Adventures: A Strange and Frozen Land at Ocean Keys


These school holidays, Ocean Keys Shopping Centre was transformed into a strange and frozen land. When we visited to check out the ‘Ice Age’ kids’ activities, I wondered if we’d been flung through a worm hole. Not only was the centre overrun by long dead creatures, I found myself in a wheelchair*, being pushed along by my children! It was a bizarre experience, but one I thoroughly enjoyed. And when my kids are put in charge of getting anywhere, the journey’s just as wild as the finish line.

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Where the day takes us…

You know what? I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the sound of my whining mummy voice. Ada, there’s no snacks before dinner! Eve, please don’t make a mess! I wonder sometimes what my girls’ reaction would be if — for just one day — I let them do whatever they wanted. Would they go completely wild or would they learn a little restraint? I guess I’m never going to find out. Because, being a mum, there are certain rules to follow and a lifetime of lessons to impart. Been there, done that; mummy knows best, right? Or does she?

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Dressing Gown Adventures


When I found a small rock on St Paddy’s Day, painted neatly with an Irish flag, I was THIS close to leaving it behind. But instead I decided to keep it, and that throwaway decision changed the course of my family’s evening. In fact, it sent us on a magical journey that didn’t end until after twilight.

Who would have thought that one small, painted rock would cause so much excitement? 

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