Where the day takes us…

You know what? I’m sick of it. I’m sick of the sound of my whining mummy voice. Ada, there’s no snacks before dinner! Eve, please don’t make a mess! I wonder sometimes what my girls’ reaction would be if — for just one day — I let them do whatever they wanted. Would they go completely wild or would they learn a little restraint? I guess I’m never going to find out. Because, being a mum, there are certain rules to follow and a lifetime of lessons to impart. Been there, done that; mummy knows best, right? Or does she?

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Dressing Gown Adventures


When I found a small rock on St Paddy’s Day, painted neatly with an Irish flag, I was THIS close to leaving it behind. But instead I decided to keep it, and that throwaway decision changed the course of my family’s evening. In fact, it sent us on a magical journey that didn’t end until after twilight.

Who would have thought that one small, painted rock would cause so much excitement? 

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Extract from Jane Bardot by Eleanor Mulder


Two girls in boy-leg bikinis burst side by side from the milk-bar. Clutching icy bottles of soda pop, they run recklessly across the road towards the music. The wind has tousled their carefully styled hairdos from that morning, and their faces are glowing from exertion. One goal in mind, thirst now quenched, they long to be back in the ‘Snake Pit’. 

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