Shopping Challenge: A Very Thrifty Christmas

Are you like me when it comes to shopping? Spend way too much and get buyer’s remorse? Or can’t find a thing and come home disappointed?
When I was given $150 to spend on Christmas gifts at Ocean Key Shopping Centre in
Clarkson WA, I was determined not to stuff it up.
Find out if I did… 🙂


2 thoughts on “Shopping Challenge: A Very Thrifty Christmas

  1. Sounds like a successful venture to me! I remember those “shopping” days. Most of the time, I had all of my shopping done by September. Loser (my ex) would wait until Christmas Eve to do his shopping for me. He would drag my poor children along with him to help. LOL
    I think you “did good.” Here’s hoping for a wonderful Christmas for you and yours. 🙂

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    • Thank you haha. You know, I’m much more organised this year than normal. The $150 voucher helped lol. I know I’m getting a swimsuit for Christmas from my husband – I’ve already worn it, and will probably wrap it too. Ah well. You never know. Wishing you a good Christmas too xxx

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