Today I’m invincible… are you?

It would be nice to go through life without obstacles in our path, but the way is never smooth, and I suppose if it was, we might end up sliding along with no grip on life.

Some obstacles are pebbles that we can kick away with no effort; some are stones that must be climbed over or carried for a while before we can leave them behind; others still are large rocks that we can only hope to move, but let’s face it, these rocks do rise up from time to time, and we have to be strong enough to deal with them when they launch out of the ground.

Innately I feel that no matter what, I will find the strength to move these great big rocks eventually, but it doesn’t stop me wishing that they would just bugger off. But unfortunately, all of us must face these rocks from time to time. Otherwise we cannot hope to get stronger for the next one. It’s a bit shit really. But hey. Show me a true writer who has no rocks to smash. Indeed, show me a true human…

Yes, some rocks can seem bigger for some  people more than others, but that doesn’t make them any less scary.

Some rocks – once you’ve found a way to scale them or roll them away – seem inconsequential when you meet them again.

And some rocks are just perceived but then disappear before you reach them. I like those rocks. Although, I wonder why I saw them in the first place.

But that’s enough about rocks…

Today, I chose to be invincible.

Yes, I still had to follow the path set out in front of me, but today I chose to fly and not walk. I flew through my tasks with ease, I didn’t cry, I didn’t shout. I achieved everything I set out to achieve… and more! I also spent lots of lovely game time with my little ones. It’s funny how it all falls into place when you’re not trying so hard.

In fact, I was so strong and so untouchable, I actually called myself Super-Mummy this afternoon and “came to the rescue” for my girls who were screaming at a spider on the trampoline. They were quite taken aback when I jumped out the back door with one arm straight up in the air, shouting:

“Have no fear —Super-Mummy’s here!’

The game then commenced, and I was soon commandeered into cleaning every single spider web from the swing set, carrying screaming girls over my shoulder as we escaped  from multiple “fires,” and finding a towel as quick as a flash to wipe the litres of sun screen they had smeared on their faces when I was looking the other way. Yes, sun screen stings when it gets in your eyes.

I was their hero. Or so my eldest told me. That was nice. I’d like to be their hero everyday, but sometimes those rocks just really weigh you down. And that’s ok…

But today, just today, I’m invincible… are you? 



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