Not at my best… but getting there!

I recently updated my resume and even impressed myself — something which is extremely hard to do for a self-critic like me.

Once upon a time…

…in a land far, far away, I worked as Senior Event Manager for the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, where I handled multiple events simultaneously, managed the events team and was responsible for many key clients. My repertoire included the largest tourism event in the Southern hemisphere, an SAS army ball for over two thousand people, and shows such as Kasey Chambers and Billy Connolly.

So. Can someone please PLEASE tell me why — not even 10 years later — I’m constantly late for commitments (or I forget about them completely!), I shut my keys in the car boot on a regular basis, I forget words mid-sentence, and my house looks like a herd of buffaloes just passed by… twice.

The constant struggle

Yesterday I spent most of the morning driving around searching for a pair of “skorts” for my 4 year old; she needed them to wear for her first day of school (ever!) today. Every. single. friggin’ shop I went to was out of stock for her age group. On top of that, I still had clothes to label, hooks to sew, and a batch of savoury scones to make — as well as some editing work and my website content to rewrite — all before I collected my girls at 3pm.

I was trying so hard to be an organised mummy, but I was as usual at least a week too late. And honestly, it seems to be this way all the time. I can never get ahead! Thank God, I did finally get everything done (I opted for a marker pen approach to labelling – cheat!), but certainly not without much sweating, swearing and stammering.

Whatever happened to the sophisticated business woman I used to be? The one who wore suits (which I’m pretty sure didn’t smell or have food stains on!), spoke confidently in large meetings, and met deadlines with relish?

Where has she gone? Tell me where…?


Yes, I know I have two young children (one of whom stays at home most days), I’m starting up an editing business, working part-time, and also trying (although admittedly not very well) to write a novel. However, let’s just recap for a moment, I used to be responsible for thousands of people, not just two crazy kids. And I still managed to look like I was strolling in the park.

These days, I look like a shiny-faced mad woman who’s just struggled her way through a body combat class…

I’m really hoping to get it together soon… I’ve got a resume to live up to.

Does anyone else have this problem? 


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