The end

I’m still tweaking the synopsis to my novel, so I can enter it into the Richell Prize for Emerging Writers by this Friday. I’m quite pleased with the way I’ve managed to summarise the plot, main characters and themes.

It’s not an easy task and it certainly has potential to leave you standing in a plot hole. Especially when you’re a pantser, like me.

The hardest part for me has been revealing the ending to my story. This is probably quite symbolic, seeing as I’m still two chapters away from finishing, and I just can’t find the time to get there.

But this is mostly because even I don’t know how my story will turn out. I have at least three possible endings and before now, I’ve always thought it will come to me as I’m writing. The trouble is, I’m not writing. And I need to make a decision now, so I can succinctly wrap up my novel for the judges.

Oh god. I just don’t know. I want to end with a twist, but I don’t want the twist to be too crazy or I might leave my readers puzzled. Or is the twist the fact there’s not a twist. But could that be perceived as boring?

I know I need to wrap it up. The mystery novel must innately resolve the mystery. And the last thing I want to do is leave my readers hanging. But which resolution do I choose?

Until Friday, let me know if I should twist within the boundaries, twist out of control or not twist at all. What are your thoughts?


6 thoughts on “The end

  1. I had virtually the same problem. I had to write a synopsis and for days I couldn’t do it, then realised it was because I didn’t know the end. Actually, I did know the end I wanted but it didn’t fit with the build up. So I had to go back and work it out. I’ve only just resolved it properly this morning. However, I did send my synopsis in because I reasoned it might change in a redraft anyway. Good luck with it.

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    • Thanks Charlie. Yes, they know it’s only a draft at this stage, so I guess it can always change. I just need to do bit of deep thinking and choose what makes most sense within the themes I guess. But I’m running out of time….


  2. Sorry you’re stressed ending. I think some of the best stories I’ve read don’t necessarily have a concrete ending. I’m not saying you should leave your readers hanging. But maybe keep writing, one of the three endings will come to you. I do think leaving a twist at the end would be nice but subtle enough so that readers won’t be clueless.

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    • Yes, I think it’s good to leave some decisions to your reader, but not to leave them clueless. Just got to get that balance. I know it will come right eventually, after I’ve written to the end. My only problem is that I need to write the summary – including the ending – by Friday! I’m going to go with your suggestion and have a twist, but one that’s not too twisty 🙂

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      • Hehe. Yes!! I managed to submit on the Wednesday in the end. I ended up ending the story as I originally planned to do, with a twist, but nothing outside of the original idea of the book. Just have to forget about it now and keep my fingers and toes crossed. I’ll write a update post soon 🙂

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