The life of a tree

Here is a tree: 

It is the only tree in my local area that has lived for longer than the houses.

All the other trees in my park are young:


Like my suburb, they have no history. They’ve replaced other trees that were there before them. Trees that could have been left and built around. Not destroyed for the sake of development.

But this tree was chosen to stay:

One tree among many others lost. 

I wonder:

  • How old is it?
  • Who planted it (if anyone)?
  • In what surroundings did it used to stand before the houses came?
  • What sights has it seen? 

I’m not sure I’ll ever know the answers to my questions. Perhaps I’m strange for wanting to know its history.

It’s true, the young trees will grow and become old like this one. And maybe when I’m old I’ll come back. See how things have changed.

And if, in the future, I meet someone like me, I will answer their questions. 


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