The journey continues…

I’m still alive. Just…

My goal of 500 words per day has not quite materialised. I’ve been busy, real busy. But no-one wants to hear the excuses. Instead, let me tell you, when I do write, I’m happy with the way it’s progressing.

My final character, Jane Bardot herself, is very much like me; it makes her easy to understand and easy to write about. She is fixed resolutely on her goal, yet too easily distracted by other interesting activities. I find there is always something interesting to do, to learn, to experience. At the moment, for me, it’s my environmental group. My new editing business is also ramping up again. And on top of that, I’m also getting married in October. Exciting stuff!

For Jane Bardot, the girl I used to be, it’s the lure of rebellion, cutting loose, keeping company with the foolish. I’m quite enjoying re-living my party days through her impulsive, and somewhat naive, actions in my story. Ultimately, it will lead to her demise, but for me, well… luckily, I’m still alive to tell the tale. At least my distractions are now worthy.

My story is on track. I can see it all mapped out. I’ve only got to write the words to take it there: easier said than done, but at least the words are flowing. The tension is building, I hope, for the reader, and I’m trying my best to keep it fast paced now, and not to get side tracked. I want to get to the end so badly, so I’m sure my reader will also feel the way. I’ll be interested to see if my first REAL readers (not the one’s I’m imagining while writing) will feel the same way. I guess that’s something for which I’ll have to wait (impatiently!)

My writing also comes easier. It takes me less time to write more. I’m not sure if that necessarily means my writing is any better, but I’m hoping so. Surely it’s better for the fingers to be tap, tap, tapping over the keys, than flick, flick, flicking between tabs. I still love my thesaurus, but it’s no longer the ‘be all and end all’ of my session. In fact, I quite often think of the word I’m trying to find, before I’ve even typed the synomym into the search field. That’s a good feeling. My mind and vocabulary have stretched. I’m a writer now.

The journey continues and I can see the end. Not that it’s really the end, because I’ll keep writing, even when I’ve finished this story. I’ve already got another story brewing. Sometimes, I feel, I daren’t think about it, just in case I jeopardise my current writing project. I feel like a traitor to even muse about another plot, other characters. But that’s just being silly. Because I need to be thinking about what I’m going to do when I’ve finished Jane Bardot. There is life after my first novel, I’m sure!

I heard an interesting podcast recently which said, when you finish your first draft, you should let it sit, for at least a month, before you go back and read it. But during that time, you should not stop writing because writing is like a muscle. You need to keep exercising it, keep it warm, keep it moving (this analogy is beginning to sound a bit rude, so I might leave it there!) And I want to keep my writing strong.

The point is, this is a journey. A journey that’s just beginning for me. And one I don’t want to end. I’ll keep going, past the finish line, through the trees, up the mountain and beyond. For I like the path. It’s my path 🙂


Speak soon.


3 thoughts on “The journey continues…

  1. For me personally, I am so happy you are writing. It was always my dream, something I always wanted to do but other things got in the way. Your Grandad always told me to “just do it” but I never did. You “do it” Elle; Grandad would be so proud of you, as I am. xx


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