Elephant Edits is registered

I’ve just now successfully registered my business name ELEPHANT EDITS with ASIC Connect and I’m so excited!

But I’m going to try and keep a handle on things and not expect too much too soon. It seems I’ve got a lot to get started on in any case:

  • Create a logo and catchline
  • Join the Editors Society of WA
  • Renew my PO Box address
  • Investigate business insurance
  • Investigate tax deductions
  • Find an accountant
  • Find a lawyer
  • Create a business plan
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Gather start up information from Small Business Centre NW Metro and the SBDC
  • Join the Wanneroo Business Association
  • Create a website (I’m in the process of confirming my domain name and business email address)

If anyone can help me, or provide advice on any of my tasks, I would welcome your input. And of course any jobs are welcome!

Bye for now.


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